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If you have genetec Video Player for Windows 10, this user guide should help you.

The G64X information can be read using the Genetec Video Player (replaces the Portable Archive Player) included with the Security Center. G64X files are created when you record video overseas with a surveillance camera system with the Genetec Security Center package.

How do I get video player on Genetec?

Before your company can use Genetec™ Video Reader for G64 presentation or G64x tutorial videos on your local workstation, you will need to download and install them Player.

More About The Genetec Video Player

You already have version 5.5 Video Genetec Player 574 Mo of this site type. Genetec Inc. developed the program and distributes it for free. The software is intended for players of the multimedia category. The direct link to download the program will probably be clean to use.

.g64x – ViGenetec Safety Deo

The main graphics files of the G64X are associated with the Genetec Security Center. The G64X file is the Genetec Video Security Center. Genetec Security Center is a single platform that integrates IP video surveillance, access control or license plate recognition.

What Is Genetec Mobile For PC And How Does It Work?

Security is currently the most growing issue in the rest of the world. To protect and control your assets and valuable people, it seems helpful to turn worry into action. Therefore, video surveillance is preferable. Once you have installed security cameras in your home or office, you can control them from the comfort of your phone.

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Genetec Mobile PC Specifications

Genetec Mobile is usually at the top list of Google Business category apps in playstore. He received very good positions in points and reviews. So far, Mobile Genetec has installed more than 10,000 Windows apps and has achieved a 3 out of 5 star rating worldwide.

Genetec Video File

G64X apps are built for visual export by the company. with stoneYou watch when using the Genetec Security Center software. When exporting a video, you can choose to export it in G64X or .G64 format (the old format has been replaced by the G64X process) or manually capture the most common video formats .MP4 or .ASF.

genetec video player windows 10

How do I play a .G64 file?

A G64 file is a video file saved in the Genetec Video Media Format, which is used to share or archive video recorded with the Genetec Security Center software. It can be played using the Genetec Video Player (formerly Portable Archive Player) which can be enabled in the Genetec Security Center.